Christopher Burwell, Sr.

Chris Burwell is a Southeast Raleigh native committed to positive growth in his community.  As Director of The CLUB Teen Center of the Wake County Boys and Girls Club he works to provide teens the opportunity to grow into responsible young adults by providing engaging programs, staff, and activities.

The mission of The Boys & Girls Club is to enable all young people, especially those in need, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Its partnership with PEARL aligns with The Boys & Girls Club’s mission, and has worked wonders for teens participating in virtual learning. The teens know their tutors on a first-name basis and have continued to see improvement in their grades.

Chris describes the importance of PEARL in his community

“Programs like PEARL are important because they bridge the virtual gap between students and teachers.  Students have different learning styles but PEARL allows members to get one on one in person tutoring that works with their schedules, all while keeping them properly socially distanced. Students benefit academically and gain confidence in knowing that with help from their tutors, they will not fall behind.”

Chris takes his role as a community leader and responsibility to the CLUB’s teens personally.  He sees every day as another chance to introduce teens to opportunities that could shape or one day change their lives. Chris strives to always make the best impact possible, and leave no stone unturned.

Learn More About Our Program

PEARL will provide support to 9th - 12th grade students in our community at the Boys and Girls Club Teen Center in Raleigh located at : 721 N Raleigh Blvd.
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    The pilot program this fall will support the roughly 30 financially underprivileged students in our community with the hopes of expanding in the spring semester.
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    Pods of 3-4 students will work with their college/grad students for 4 hours per week and be assigned a layered team; one grad/college student will work with the students, and a retired teacher will mentor each college/grad students instructor.
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    We hope to support the program with a $1500 stipend for each grad/college student and $250 stipends for each participating family and retired teacher acting as mentor to the instructor.
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    College instructors will help classroom teachers by flagging learning issues or problem areas and ensure that students are submitting necessary assignments through the virtual platform.