PEARL Program Featured on ABC 11 News

The Project for Equitable Access to Remote Learning (PEARL) program was featured on ABC 11 News. The coverage, which aired on August 19, 2020, highlighted PEARL’s mission and how the organization planned to increase equal access to academic support during COVID-19. Additionally, the ABC 11 story discussed what motivated Kate Deiter-Maredei to create PEARL and highlighted the local support the program has already received from the community.

Details of the ABC 11 Article

The ABC 11 article highlights that as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect childhood education, many parents are hiring private tutors to enhance the virtual learning experience. Private tutors may be able to help students better learn and adapt in an online setting. However, many parents and individuals have expressed concerns that the cost of private tutors creates unequal access to education. In many cases, families facing economic strain during COVID-19 may be unable to access personal mentorship opportunities.

PEARL can address these concerns by connecting high school students with private tutors at no cost to families. PEARL is able to achieve this by utilizing a network of retired teachers and current college students to help increase educational opportunities. In addition to providing academic assistance to students, the PEARL program may also reduce the burden on educators struggling to maintain a normal learning environment during COVID-19. PEARL mentors may do this by answering student questions, reinforcing concepts, and providing mental and emotional support. In turn, this could alleviate undue stress and financial hardship on students, parents, and teachers.

Support from the Local Community

The ABC 11 story also discussed the support PEARL has received from several prominent organizations in the Raleigh area. This includes support from the Raleigh-Apex NAACP, the Boys and Girls Club, and Wake Ed Partnership, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing academic support and leadership within Wake County Public Schools. Other local PEARL supporters include small businesses, organizations, and individuals that have contributed donations to help the program.

Support the PEARL Program Today

If your child or a student you know needs access to tutoring or mentorship opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact EPARL today. Additionally, if you are interested in supporting the PEARL program, please consider volunteering or donating. Your support for PEARL could help families in need access academic support for their children. To learn more about donating or volunteering with PEARL, contact us today.