Raleigh News Outlet Highlights PEARL Organization

On September 22, 2020, the Project for Equitable Access to Remote Learning (PEARL) was featured on WRAL, a local NBC-affiliated news organization based in Raleigh. The story covered how a local law firm donated $5,000 to PEARL to help combat unique challenges presented by online learning environments during COVID-19. The WRAL article also highlights the impact the PEARL program hopes to have on the local Raleigh community.

Academic Challenges During COVID-19

In the article, North Carolina NAACP President Gerald Givens discusses the challenges arising in online educational environments during COVID-19. Specifically, unequal access to a stable internet connection, online resources, and technology may diminish some students’ ability to reach their academic potential. Givens notes that many of these issues disproportionally affect racial and ethnic minorities within the Raleigh community. In addition to increasing educational disparities within the Raleigh community, many note that COVID-19 has also created stress for parents struggling to balance work and ensuring a quality education for their children.

Solutions to COVID-19 Educational Issues

In addition to describing issues that may arise with online learning during COVID-19, the WRAL story also highlights how PEARL can increase access to educational resources for students in the Raleigh area. Specifically, WRAL highlights how PEARL was able to provide Raleigh high school students with access to small group educational opportunities facilitated by college students and recent graduates. These small groups are then furthered mentored by retired teachers to provide additional support.

In addition to a $5,000 donation from a local Raleigh law firm, PEARL has also been supported by the NA NAACP, the Boys and Girls Club, and education-focused non-profit organization Wake Ed Partnerships to increase equal access to educational resources. The WRAL article also notes that PEARL has received grassroots donations from individuals across North Carolina. With support from the local community, the organization hopes to expand to further mitigate disparities heightened by COVID-19.

Contact PEARL Today

If you would like to support the PEARL program, please consider donating or get in touch with PEARL. Your support could help reduce racial, ethnic, and economic disparities within Raleigh that may have worsened during the Coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, if your child or a student you know is struggling to receive access to academic learning opportunities during COVID-19, contact us today.